Peter's Travel Page

Welcome to my travelsite. It contains photo impressions of some of the countries I've visited. At the moment only pictures are present of the travels during which I had a digital camera. I'm planning to add those from my other travels in the future. So for now it will be only these 11 travels, but with enough pictures to spent a while here. For the curious, here you can see what my other travels have been. Outside Europe that is.

Peter Gerhardt

Costa Rica & Nicaragua (2008)

with SNP Natuurreizen

Libya (2007)

with Sahara Wandelreizen and NKBV Vreemde Voettochten

Spitsbergen - Norway (2007)

with Djoser and Spitsbergen Travel

Mali & Burkina Faso (2006)

with HT Wandelreizen

Irian Jaya - Indonesia (2006)

with HT Wandelreizen

Antarctica (2006)

with SNP Natuurreizen and Oceanwide Expeditions

South Africa (2005)

with NKBV Vreemde Voettochten

Jordan (2005)

with HT Wandelreizen

Tibet - China (2004)

with HT Wandelreizen

Patagonia - Argentina & Chile (2003)

with HT Wandelreizen

Borneo - Malaysia (2003)

with SNP Natuurreizen

Photos by Peter Gerhardt